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E-Commerce Photography Heightens With StyleShoots

If fashion e-commerce companies need a seamless photo production process—StyleShoots has solutions.

Part of Visual Retailing Holding, StyleShoots is a fashion product photography company that provides innovative equipment for e-tailers. Back in 2011, flat photography was forever changed with the debut of StyleShoots Horizontal. Two years later, ghost mannequin photography came to life with StyleShoots Vertical. Both machines today continue to help digital brands initiate quality product photos and simplify product imaging methodology.

“Our inspiration came from realizing that nobody was stepping back and reviewing how they actually set up their studios for product photography in the first place,” StyleShoots CEO Maurits Teunissen, said. “People were happy to spend time running back and forth, adjusting camera settings, lighting and then spending hours on Photoshop to cut out the background.”

Both pieces of equipment shake up the traditional production process for e-tailers.

To start, StyleShoots Horizontal and StyleShoots Vertical both have an embedded Canon EOS 5D Mark III Camera for studio-quality product photos without tripods, wires, multiple lenses or machine buttons. Using a remote iPad with a built-in Light Composer feature, an individual can adjust light settings and take pictures alone without a large team. Then images are automatically transferred into a post-production folder, where they are available for final uploading.

“The speed at which our customers can get shots online is what impresses people most,” Teunissen said. “In a matter of seconds, our proprietary technology removes the background to produce a web-ready shot—meaning that post-production isn’t even required in most cases.”

Ghost mannequin photography also allows stylists to be more creative with e-commerce product photography. StyleShoots’ kit comes with removable chest, arm and neck pieces. Combined with StyleShoots Vertical, an invisible dressed silhouette is the result of this innovative process.

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For example, if stylists have a blazer, they would remove the mannequin’s head and chest pieces and then dress up the mannequin. With a magnetic locking caddy on StyleShoots Vertical, the stylist puts the mannequin into place and personalizes the garment’s fit. Once that’s done, the Stylist can use the iPad to control the lighting and create an edit-free, web-ready shot.

StyleShoots has worked with many brands, including Boohoo, Forever 21 and Zalando, to fulfill consumer demand and create high-quality product images in a short amount of time.

“We see a big future in empowering stylists and photographers around the world by giving them the tools to break free of technical constraints and really embrace what makes their brand stand out,” Teunissen said. “Just like visual merchandising works in stores, we see online visual merchandising as a natural evolution of that.”