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eBay and Spring Collaborate on One-Stop E-Commerce Initiative

eBay and Spring are working together to bring coveted brands to eBay’s marketplace and provide consumers with a seamless purchasing journey.

eBay and fashion marketplace Spring have debuted the Spring storefront, a new eBay page where consumers can access hundreds of brands across clothing, accessories and footwear, including products from Chloe, Mango and Rag & Bone. The new storefront will operate similarly to a boutique, enabling consumers to find, browse and buy all the brands they love on one convenient digital platform.

“Spring’s mission is to bring top brands to consumers at a variety of tastes, style and prices,” said Alan Tisch, founder & CEO of Spring. “Our new partnership with eBay helps further this mission and expand our reach. Both Spring and eBay are committed to offering unparalleled selection across the best brands–including the newest, hottest styles, sold-out or hard-to-find merchandise, and great deals for every price and style.”

eBay’s marketplace, which currently has more than 171 million active users worldwide and 370 million downloads of eBay apps, could be an optimal opportunity for brands to connect with consumers. Similar to other top eBay fashion sellers, the Spring storefront is easy to browse and buy from many brands at various price points—without having to switch websites constantly.

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eBay’s Spring partnership is timely with the e-tailer’s other digital efforts. Consumers worldwide can browse eBay’s re-imagined homepage and visit 1.1 billion listings for products. What’s more, the retailer also stepped up its focus on personalization and debuted “Fill Your Cart with Color,” a new brand platform that provides consumers with a more customized shopping experience. The platform uses AI and machine learning to provide recommendations and unique inventory mixes when they shop on eBay’s website.

By leveraging Spring’s extensive brand access with eBay’s international platform, both parties are demonstrating a new advanced era of brand partnerships. Together, eBay and Spring can deliver many product options and use technology features, including Shop the Look and Find it On eBay, to help consumers effortlessly find products online.

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“The Spring and eBay partnership is evidence of a growing trend in which retailers are partnering—instead of competing—with other retailers. We recently debuted a new brand campaign—“Fill Your Cart With Color”—signaling a deep commitment to delivering a more visual and personalized site experience,” said Jill Ramsey, VP of merchandising at eBay. “Now, with Spring, we can bring even more coveted merchandise to our buyers, making it easier than ever to discover their own version of perfect.”