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Eddie Bauer’s Website Fastest in the Industry

Eddie Bauer online is the swiftest at accessing pages, finding a product, dropping into a “shopping cart” and moving to the checkout page.

Clocked at a total response time of 6.70 seconds for all of the above web site navigation, and activity, Eddie Bauer won the laurels over 12 other major online retailers in a recent performance test run by Keynote Systems Inc.

Data from the Keystone Systems performance index covers the week ending September 29.

Right behind Eddie Bauer by a mere .50 seconds was Victoria’s Secret, the runner-up with 7.20 seconds, J. Crew was third with 7.99 seconds; then Nordstroms, at 8.12 seconds and Nieman Marcus took 11.99 seconds to run through the entire process.

For consumers of specialty apparel in a hurry, Eddie Bauer is the Go-to website, but the times cited do not include log-in time and the time required for completing the transaction.

Slowest time posted was Kohl’s, with a relatively leisurely 19.23 seconds to run through the entire procedure.

Also measured by Keystone Systems was “total user experience time,” which measures log-in time, page interaction time, carting time and the time required to hit the checkout counter and to complete the purchase transaction.

Speediest online retailer in the total user experience race was Victoria’s Secret at 8.98 seconds, Eddie Bauer at 11.35 seconds, J. Crew at 11.68 seconds, Nieman Marcus at 15.89 seconds, and Nordstrom at a pokey 17.16 seconds.

Abercrombie & Fitch took up the rear with consumers requiring 28.06 seconds to spend on the start-to-finish web site buying experience.

Performance time measurements are made by Keystone Systems with automated software in  ten metropolitan areas including Boston, Chicago, Dallas,  Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.