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Global Millennials Are Snatching Up American Fashion Brands Online

Millennials, or at least those ages 25 to 34, appear to be the generation most likely to shop across borders, according to eShopWorld.

In a survey conducted online by the cross-border e-commerce platform last month, 33 percent of consumers within this segment said they made 11 or more e-commerce purchases outside their country in the past year. Consumers ages 35 to 44 and those ages 18 to 24 came in close behind, at 32 percent and 29 percent, respectively.

“Younger consumers have always been more comfortable shopping online, but our survey data show that they are now increasingly embracing international e-commerce as more retailers and brands eliminate friction by offering conveniences such as locally popular payment types and delivery date promises,” eShopWorld CEO Tommy Kelly said in a statement.

The ESW Cross-Border Shopper Survey also found that, overall, the vast majority of shoppers—68 percent—had made at least one e-commerce purchase outside their home country last year.

Clothing, favored by 30 percent of cross-border shoppers ages 25 to 34, proved to be the age group’s most popular category over the previous six months, the survey found. Toys and health and beauty followed, both coming in at 19 percent.

The United States topped the list of countries patronized most frequently by younger consumers. According to eShopWorld’s survey, 55 percent of non-U.S. consumers ages 18 to 34 shopped from U.S. sites over the prior 12 months.

Though paying via credit and debit card remained popular—72 percent of all respondents used the two classic payment options to complete their cross-border transactions—newer methods gained ground with younger consumers. Roughly 10 percent of respondents ages 18 to 24 and 11 percent of those ages 25 to 34 said they had used buy now, pay later to shop from international merchants.

Though shoppers have shown themselves willing to purchase internationally, eShopWorld said offering a localized experience remained key to a successful e-commerce experience. Survey respondents said being able to shop a site in their local language (34 percent) and local currency (34 percent) and seeing all charges, taxes and duties clearly displayed (33 percent) were the most important factors contributing to their decision to make a purchase.

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“People are still restricted in their ability to travel and shop in person around the world, and cross-border e-commerce continues to be an attractive alternative for these shoppers,” Kelly said. “Our study also indicates that consumers are purchasing a variety of product categories from foreign brands, so companies that can provide a safe, localized shopping experience have a significant opportunity to capture a much larger piece of the international market.”

EShopWorld said the survey reached more than 22,000 consumers in 11 countries: Australia, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, the U.K. and the U.S.