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FineLine Debuts Fully Integrated, Fast Turnaround RFID Tags

FineLine Technologies, a ticketing and mobile solutions firm for retailers, suppliers and manufacturers, has developed a new Radio-frequency identification (RFID) fashion tag for shorter runs at lower costs.

Apparel retailers in North America can now source the company’s new SolidTag, which comes fully integrated with logos, full color graphics and variable data, designed for low-volume orders.

“Until now, fully integrated RFID tags were available in North America and Asia only at very high volumes or at prohibitive cost, and often with unacceptable turnaround times,” George Hoffman, FineLine’s president and CEO, said. “With SolidTag, we have changed the RFID tag paradigm by meeting merchandisers’ demands for custom graphics, with minimal volume commitments and 48 hour service levels. With SolidTag ticket production factories strategically located in Atlanta, Georgia and Shenzhen, China, merchandisers in North America and Asia are no longer limited to ugly stickers or black and white integrated tags to carry RFID technology.”

In a recent statement, FineLine said it would offer free application evaluation for businesses considering fully integrated RFID tagging, and that samples can be provided upon request.

“The new product offering combines the appeal of high-end brand labeling with the functionality of RFId at affordable pricing,” Hoffman said. “RFID has at long last entered the world of fashion.”