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Grid Dynamics Introduces New Omnichannel Solution for Precise Search Results

Leading provider of scalable eCommerce technology solutions, Grid Dynamics, announced on Tuesday its release of Sercato, an omnichannel search solution that provides shoppers with a faster, more convenient way to find their desired products.

Sercato delivers more precise search results, provides merchandisers with extensive insight into customer preferences and gives consumers a highly efficient and more satisfying shopping experience, according to the company.

The tool recognizes and reports the concepts included in search phrases, instead of just lists of words and phrases. For example, a Sercato search for “women’s leather jacket” will deliver only women’s leather jackets rather than related items like men’s jackets, leather skirts, or non-leather jackets.

Leonard Livschitz, Grid Dynamics CEO, said, “Retailers are looking for ways to provide the best possible experience to their customers thereby improving conversion rates on digital channels.” He added, “Sercato helps retailers deliver search results that are highly relevant, so their customers don’t have to sort through a long list of unintended results.”

Sercato includes a suite of automated tools that streamline and speed up the process of enhancing and cleaning the product data. The solution then generates the required linguistic relations that match the words customers use with text in the product data. These procedures allow retailers to optimize and sustain the search results’ quality in a comprehensive and systematic way without highly-skilled search experts.

Additionally, since all Sercato’s results are relevant, any customer-selected refinement by brand, size, or color will lead to results that are consistent with the customer’s search phrase.

Sercato uses Concept Search for its precise results, ensuring that all products match against all the concepts mentioned in the customer’s search request. It utilizes an additional strategy known as Staged Search that first tries to find products with strict matching requirements and then continues to search with more relaxed requirements until matching products are found.

Max Martynov, vice president of technology for Grid Dynamics, said, “Search is an integral part of the omni channel experience, but it can take cost-prohibitive resources and expertise to deliver the highly-relevant results that customers deserve.” He concluded, “Sercato allows retailers to rely on automatic tools to tweak results intelligently and seamlessly, drastically improving the customer experience without adding complexity to the backend.”