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Harrods Taps Pantone to Curate Its New Color-Focused Campaign

British luxury retailer Harrods wants you to shop “The Art of Color.”

The iconic London department store teamed with color specialist Pantone to create a bespoke Spring ’19 color palette to call its own.

Dubbed “The Art of Color,” the eight-hue color card arrives at what Harrods describes as “the darkest time of the year” and will be distributed across product categories for fashion, accessories, beauty and home from January through February.

“Harrods celebrates color as a universal language to transform, to diversify, to update, to represent and to beautify. Color connects us, it defines us; it is inclusive, inviting and confident,” the company wrote on its website.

The campaign is brought to life at the Knightsbridge store in themed windows and in-store vignettes. Additionally, each Harrods x Pantone color is described on its website alongside designer products that best represent the hue, like Saint Laurent mules, Acne Studios T-shirts and Tom Ford eyeshadow.

The curated color list consists of transitional mid-tones. Peach Bloom serves as an update to millennial pink with soft beachside influences. The warm glow of Honey Yellow “evokes a sense of comfort and relaxation,” Harrods said, and Indian Tan offers a rustic neutral.

Easter Egg is the “charming, original and creative” cousin to periwinkle. Crabapple has a “gently unassuming appeal” with its ruddy undertone.

Surf Spray, a misty aqua green, adds coolness and clarity, while Laurel Wreath, a mossy green, relies on nature’s restorative forces.

Silver has a cool bite to it. And with a touch of pink, Sloe Gin Fizz has rose gold qualities.