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Here’s Where Apparel Ranked in New Breakdown of Amazon’s Assortment

For every three times someone shops in North America, one of those times is with Amazon.

So needless to say, what they carry, who they sell it to, how they’re selling it—frankly everything that has turned the retailer into the e-commerce giant that’s steadily snagging more and more and more market share—is of interest. Especially since, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, online sales have jumped 15.2% between the first quarter of last year and the first quarter of 2016.

What retail price and product intelligence company 360pi wanted to know was: how many products does Amazon actually carry, and in what categories?

Turns out, as 360pi revealed in a new report, Amazon directly carries 12,213,203 products as of May 2016 (excluding books, media, wine and services). Adding products available from marketplace sellers, that number swells nearly 30 times to 353,710,754 total products.

Cell phones and accessories topped the list of goods on offer with more than 82 million, followed by home and kitchen gear totaling more than 64 million.

Apparel, footwear and jewelry ranked third biggest product category at Amazon, and the one that’s growing the fastest.

“From May 2015 to May 2016, Amazon increased its own product count in clothing, shoes and jewelry by 83 percent, while marketplace sellers in this category also grew the number of products offered by 84 percent—confirming the reasons why Amazon is projected to soon surpass Macy’s as the No. 1 clothing retailer,” 360pi said in a statement.

Men’s clothing products, somewhat surprisingly, took the lead in the category with 9.8 billion units compared to 8.35 million in women’s, 959,000 in girls, 852,000 in boys and 434,000 for baby.

In looking at the diversity of Amazon Marketplace, 360pi found that it now accounts for 50 percent of all units sold globally. A total of 688,690 unique brands sell on Amazon, and of those, 4,490 have more than 5,000 listed products. There are 185,025 unique sellers on the platform and 7,729 of them have more than 5,000 products for sale.

“As our holiday insights campaign revealed, even Amazon is moving beyond just price to complete and win with shoppers. Increasingly, it’s as much about having the right product, as the right price,” 360pi’s vice president of marketing, Jenn Markey, said. “Our analysis helps level the playing field for retailers with unparalleled insight into which products Amazon sells itself, those offered by marketplace sellers, and key year-over-year shifts in product category coverage across sellers.”