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Here’s When Holiday Shoppers Are Searching for Apparel

Consumers are constantly looking for the best deals—but it turns out that their online searches vary throughout the holiday season.

Newly released data from search experience cloud company Yext revealed that the popularity of certain items varies daily throughout the winter months, and is often dependent on the shopping holidays that are taking place.

In a study conducted during the period between Nov. 15, 2018, and Jan. 15, 2019, the company compared the volume of clicks across four million products. Yext contrasted the data from specific days during the shopping season with the average volume of clicks for that day of the week across the entire analysis period.

Apparel saw a whopping 83 percent lift in search on Black Friday last year (though it was eclipsed by the 237 percent increase in searches for electronics). The following week, however, clothing took a 74 percent nosedive below average click volume on Dec. 5.

Clicks on products across categories quieted during this time, with even electronics falling 77 percent below the average volume.

As consumers rushed to check loved ones off their lists the week before Christmas, searches for toys positively took off. The category experienced a huge lift in search from Dec. 17 through Dec. 24, peaking on Dec. 19 with a 231 percent surge in clicks.

Jewelry sustained elevated and prolonged search increases during the period from Dec. 17 through Christmas Eve, reaching its search apex on Dec. 20 with an 87 percent lift.

On the night before Christmas, it turns out, most creatures are indeed stirring—drinks, that is. Searches for liquor stores exploded 160 percent above the average rate on Dec. 24 last year, a trend that lasted just one day.

Notably, clicks on clothing plummeted during the Christmas holiday, but grew to a 50 percent above average increase over the following two days. Consumers tend to take advantage of post-holiday sales, as well as look to spend the cash and gift cards they’ve amassed.

“The holiday season is one of the busiest for businesses across categories, but some verticals, like toy stores, jewelry stores, arcades and liquor stores, experience more consumer engagement depending on the day,”Zahid Zakaria, senior director of insights and analytics at Yext, said.

“Our research reveals when different businesses can expect a surge of customers at their doorstep so they can be prepared to take advantage of the influx—whether it comes at the beginning, middle, or end of the season—with accurate information about themselves online,” he added.