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Homebody Launches with Vegan-Down-Stuffed Sofa

Growing up in the Beijing furniture industry, Shuang Liang and Zelong Zhao have strong opinions about what they expect from furnishings—comfort, style, and sustainability. Those principles guided the duo to launch their own furniture company, Homebody.

Homebody launched its first product, a modular sectional sofa, in June. The sofa offers six different configurations and comes in four colorways. Pricing starts at $3,740 for a two-seater to $11,830 for a seven-seat configuration.

“As second-generation furniture makers, we leveraged years of experience and knowledge of the industry to design quality and sustainable furniture that nurtures both our customers and the planet,” Liang said. “Our launch products, the sofa and recliner, are completely modular and customizable to the modern consumer’s idea of comfort.”

Liang and Zhao designed the sofa with ergonomic reclining features designed to support the back and head. And the cushions are filled with layers of vegan eiderdown.

Along with comfort, sustainability was a key consideration for Liang and Zhao in creating Homebody. The company’s sofa is made with FSC-certified wood and 100 percent recycled fabrics made from upcycled ocean plastic.

“As a young child growing up in Beijing, I witnessed firsthand the effect of air pollution on the environment,” Zhao said. “I was amazed to see how wasteful and damaging the furniture industry is to our planet, and we decided to create Homebody with this in mind. We are committed to creating solutions by proving that comfort and sustainability can coexist without sacrificing great quality.”

As Liang and Zhao finally get their vision out into the world, they hope Homebody helps reduce some of the furnishings industry’s impact on the environment.

“It has always been important to us to keep sustainability at the core of the Homebody brand,” Zhao said. “We’ve built a company to make home living better for all, including the environment, which is why we feel a responsibility to care for it. We’re not truly comfortable if our products aren’t environmentally friendly. It’s why we utilize reclaimed materials and other recyclable fabrics for the ultimate peace of mind.”