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ITA Partners With Moonbasa to Bring US Fashion Brands to China

China-based e-tailer Moonbasa and the International Trade Administration (ITA) are working together to expand China’s online marketplace to include popular U.S. fashion brands.

Moonbasa and the ITA created a digital platform for American labels that want to sell apparel to Chinese consumers. With this clothing export promotion, U.S. brands will have the opportunity to open their own web stores on Moonbasa’s e-commerce platform and take part in a three-day online-to-off-line (o-to-o) experience at Moonbasa’s Shanghai flagship digital store.

As China’s popular B2C e-commerce platform, Moonbasa allows U.S. fashion brands to establish their own web stores and sell apparel to Chinese consumers. Currently, Moonbasa has more than 40 million members, providing much exposure opportunity for U.S. fashion brands that want to expand their businesses overseas.

Moonbasa offers a turnkey service that provides U.S. fashion brands the opportunity to enter into China’s online marketplace and access to Chinese consumers that purchase American labels. In 2015, Moonbasa debuted its own ‘U.S. Brand Mall,’ which features more than 25 brands, including Band of Gypsies, Halo, Janet Chung and Ocean Current.

“China is a difficult market to penetrate, especially for small- and medium-size businesses,” said Kim-Bang Nguyen, export promotion and strategic business alliances director at the Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA). “We believe Moonbasa, an e-commerce platform with a dedicated ‘U.S. Brand Mall’ and full-service commerce solutions, is an effective way for these businesses to create a new channel of distribution in China.”