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A New Swedish Fast-Fashion Brand Wants to Take Over Retail

A new Swedish fast-fashion label wants a bigger piece of the e-commerce pie.

Ivyrevel, an online-only fashion brand backed by H&M Group, PayPal and other industry members, is fusing fashion and technology to reach women worldwide.

“We are delighted to support the entrepreneurs at Ivyrevel on their journey to explore the merge of fashion creativity with technological innovation and in creating a fashion brand for women of the digital generation,” Björn Magnusson, head of H&M CO:LAB, H&M’s venture capital arm, said.

Since launching globally in April, Ivyrevel now reaches more than 15 countries, including the United States. Because customer data is crucial in today’s e-commerce market—especially for the women’s fashion sector—the company is working on a new trend analysis that will use algorithms to enhance its design, help create products that customers love and also help understand customers’ wardrobe demands.

Ivyrevel is also developing its own Fashion Tech Lab in Stockholm. With this lab, Ivyrevel will have insight about what is up and coming in the fashion industry. Machine learning merging with the creative process, interactive fabrics, wearable tech, distribution and reimagining the customer’s experiences are all possibilities for Ivyrevel’s future.

Currently the site offers a wide selection of apparel and exclusive collections at moderate prices. Due to Ivyrevel’s international availability, exact pricing and shipping costs vary by each country. In the U.S., shipping is $20 for purchases under $200—considerably higher than similar e-commerce sites like Asos ($4 for purchases under $40) and Missguided ($5 for purchases under $40).

Dejan Subosic, co-founder of Ivyrevel, spoke about how Ivyrevel is leading international women’s e-commerce with its future plan of technology, fashion and innovation: “Technology as a source of creative expression within fashion is something that excites us. We will learn a great deal about the evolution of creativity by fusing these two worlds together.”