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JackThreads Revamps Online Shopping Experience With TryOuts

Photo: courtesy of JackThreads

JackThreads customers everywhere just received a major e-commerce upgrade.

The men’s fashion website on Wednesday launched TryOuts, a new program that allows shoppers to try on items before buying them.

“In today’s retail landscape, free shipping and free returns aren’t enough. With TryOuts, we’re bringing the last standing leg of brick-and-mortar to the online experience by turning guys’ bedrooms into fitting rooms, free of charge. No other e-retailer offers that. With TryOuts, guys never have to pay for something they don’t want to keep, ever again,” JackThreads CEO Mark Walker said in a statement.

“Never buy before you try–ever again” is the new program’s slogan, which corrects a previous flaw of the website; customers had to pay for items without the opportunity of a trial run. JackThreads also included a video, so customers can visualize the process in a clear and fun way.

TryOuts is a three-step process. First, the customer chooses the items that they want to try on without paying upfront. Next, the customer receives the requested items to try on at home.  Once the customer makes a decision, they pay for what they want to keep and send the rest of the items back to JackThreads.

Free shipping both ways, hassle-free returns and a price-drop guarantee are all benefits of TryOuts. Compared to other e-commerce sites that may charge to try on and send back items, and not negotiate on price, JackThreads said it wants to makes online shopping a personal experience for its customers.

TryOuts is one step towards JackThread’s major website evolution. JackThreads was relaunched last October and it has plans to transition into a new e-commerce platform that will sell affordable private-label goods, Refinery29 reported.

Over the next few months, JackThreads said it will continue to update its high industry presence with enhanced customer services and a sleek brand image.