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Joybird Innovates With Pinterest, Resale and 3D Design

Customizable modern furniture and home goods retailer Joybird is now offering shoppers a chance to design their own 3D living rooms using Pinterest photos and even buy used furniture for as much as a 55 percent discount.

Leveraging the cloud-powered 3D Space Planner from e-commerce product visualization platform provider Marxent, Joybird shoppers can now browse photos that reflect current Pinterest Trends data to customize a scene that reflects their real-life floor plan. In integrating Pinterest Trends, Marxent wants to eliminate the need for shoppers to search through catalogs or product pages to find a look that inspires them.

“For the first time, shoppers can design directly from the Joybird photos that inspired them without having to hunt to find the products. Shoppers rely on Pinterest for inspiration but between inspiration and transaction, there can be a lot of doubt,” said Eric Tsai, vice president of marketing and business development at Joybird. “Shoppers worry about fit, color choices, and how things will look together in their space. With Joybird’s 3D Space Planner, featuring photos ‘Inspired by Pinterest Trends,’ they can shop directly from on-trend imagery and plan purchases with confidence. Once a design is complete, it’s quick and easy to check out directly from the space planner.”

Coming as part of Joybird’s larger existing partnership with Pinterest, the 3D Space Planner provides users with the only tool that features content inspired directly by the social network, the companies say.

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“Shopping for furniture should be as fun as scrolling on Pinterest,” said Beck Besecker, Marxent’s CEO and co-founder. “Joybird has always put inspiration at the center of its story and customers love it. Integrating Pinterest-inspired imagery into its 3D space planner to build confidence and comfort for the consumer is the next big leap. Shoppers can play around with the elements and products that sparked their inspiration in the first place, and then easily complete a purchase.”

Pinterest says that recorded 454 million monthly active users this month, with 89 percent of those consumers seeking purchase inspiration. Home projects and furniture ideas are some of their biggest categories, the style inspiration service said.

“Pinterest is the go-to for people planning furniture, home remodeling and home decor purchases. Marxent and Joybird uniquely understand how it plays into purchase decisions,” said Andy Holton, director of creative strategy at Pinterest. “Joybird leveraging the trends they unlock through the ‘Inspired by Pinterest Trends’ offering helps furniture shoppers at their most significant pain points, completely reinventing the path to purchase. Now Pinners can go from an inspiring Pin to designing from that exact photo within the retailer’s Marxent-powered 3D Space Planner, to purchasing the items they loved seamlessly from Joybird.”

The DTC home brand already says that 3D Space Planner users who design with “Inspired by Pinterest Trends” photos are twice as likely to add an entire room full of items to an e-commerce cart.

“We’re watching, and [Marxent’s] Design from Photo [feature] works,” Tsai said. “Adding Pinterest inspiration directly to the mix has almost doubled our add-to-cart rates. More saved projects, bigger sales, happier customers.”

Joybird gets into furniture resale

Already expecting to open its fourth store in the fall in Los Angeles, Joybird is furthering its sustainability ambitions by unveiling a partnership with furniture resale commerce platform FloorFound, launching the “New to You” online marketplace for returned furniture items.

Products such as sofas, dining chairs, coffee tables and beds are available on the storefront, priced up to 55 percent off the original price and classified by their condition: like new, very good and good.

The FloorFound platform itself is designed to extend the life of retail products. In particular, e-commerce retailers selling “oversized” goods use the platform, which includes a plug-and-play nationwide reverse logistics network and technology for intaking, grading, pricing and merchandising non-new items.

“We are incredibly excited to launch our New To You program with FloorFound,” said Noora Tirkkonen, vice president of customer experience, strategy and distribution at Joybird in a statement. “Sustainability is one of Joybird’s core values, and we have been looking for a solution for our returns and cancellations that benefits both the environment and our customers. FloorFound’s innovative and client-focused solution is a win-win for everyone, and we are excited that Joybird can provide a more eco-conscious shopping experience to our customers.”

The expansion comes as Joybird continues to be a standout for its parent company, La-Z-Boy, which reported a consolidated net sales increase of 84 percent to $524.8 million.

In its first quarter, Joybird saw 31 percent more “written sales”—sales calculated when a shopper pays a deposit when placing an order—and the metric is growing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35 percent across the previous two years. This number was higher than the 22 percent growth total in written same-store sales for La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries stores.

Joybird’s delivered sales—closed or completed sales orders that have been fulfilled to the customer—almost tripled, increasing 188 percent to $38.7 million in the quarter compared with the same quarter last year. The disparity in written and delivered sales is due to the impact of the Covid-19 in the first quarter of 2021, when stores were closed and fewer orders were completed.