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Kering’s New Website Touts Tagline ‘Empowering Imagination’

Kering Group updated its website to showcase the luxury positioning of the company,

The site emphasizes the group’s projects and values, particularly about how the luxury sector is “constantly on the move, creative and bold.”

The updated site also reflects the company’s new “signature,” the tag line “Empowering Imagination.” And who better to showcase all of that? Children and their innate curiosity, of course. They appear in a new video acting out the daily life of the firm, embodying the curiosity and imagination that Kering says are at the heart of the company’s culture.

Kering’s updated site also brings together all of its resources and news, but in a new editorial content site that includes informational tabs such as strategy and governance, history, financial information, talent and job listings. It also provides information on the company’s sustainable development strategy, commitments to gender equality and cultural projects.

One new emphasis is the inclusion of visuals and videos to immerse the user in each world of Kering’s many luxury brand houses. Each brand also has its own real-time editorial content. When combined with the visual and video content, the entire media component for each brand takes on the form of an online magazine.

The site also is the firm’s online marketing tool. In addition to press releases, it now includes copyright-free high-definition photos and videos available for direct download.