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Lands’ End Launches New Activewear Line

Lands’ End wants to take its customers from land to sea with sporty clothing.

The American lifestyle company announced the launch of Lands’ End Sport, a line of activewear that includes a surf collection, performance collection and athleisure collection for men and women. Lands’ End Sport was created to honor the company’s founder and his passion for healthy living.

“Our founder, Gary Comer, was passionate about sailing and the sporting life. I am building upon his vision, taking activewear and athleisure from land to sea by introducing the new Lands’ End Sport collection featuring new product innovations that will enable our customers to stay healthy and active,” said Lands’ End CEO Federica Marchionni.

Lands’ End’s first surf collection has built-in sun protection, including features like fabric strength, stretch, full body protection in rash guards, spring suits and wetsuits. Rash guards are UPF 50 on and off the water. A form-fitting silhouette with flatlock seams prevents chafing in the neoprene jackets. Full suits are designed with neoprene, which keeps the body safe from “board rash.”

State-of-the-art fabric technology and style collaborate together in Lands’ End Sport’s new performance collection. Technical features of the performance collection include wicking fabrics, 360-degree reflectivity and properly placed mesh panels to provide better breathability. The performance collection is designed to meet three popular fitness categories-speed (high impact), studio (low impact) and street (post workout gear).

Lands’ End Sport also features a new athleisure collection. Combining classic styling and the company’s legendary brand, the athleisure collection has polos, T-shirts and sweatshirts with its popular lighthouse icon and other current and past logos.

Marchionni spoke about how Lands’ End Sport will foster active lifestyles together with the company’s mission of promoting greater wellness.

“I share his passion and believe in mens sana in corpore sano, which means healthy mind, healthy body. These are the words I live by, and with the launch of Lands’ End Sport, I hope to continue this spirit of health and wellness for both our employees and customers.”