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Macy’s Looks to Lure Consumers With Revamped Star Rewards Program

Loyalty perks are taking the driver’s seat for Macy’s, as the retailer continues to make its rewards readily available to its diverse consumer base.

Macy’s announced that its Star Rewards program will now be open to all consumers, regardless of how they pay for their in-store or online purchases, whereas before these rewards were limited to customers paying with a Macy’s card. The retailer has also added a new Bronze level or rewards, which includes things perks and offers, plus birthday surprises.

“Since the relaunch of Star Rewards last fall, our customers have responded with tremendous enthusiasm for enhanced benefits and rewards they received as part of the program,” Rich Lennox, chief marking officer at Macy’s, said. “With the addition of the Bronze level, we’ve made earning rewards simple for everyone, no matter how you pay.”

In addition to Bronze benefits, Macy’s also offers three levels of benefits—Silver, Gold and Platinum—for its Star Rewards program participants. For the Silver level, consumers who spend up to $499 a year at Macy’s with their Macy’s credit cards will earn 25 percent off any day they choose with exclusive Star Pass coupons. A step up is the Gold level, where consumers who spend between $500 and $1,199 annually at Macy’s on a Macy’s credit card will receive 25 percent off any day they choose with Star Pass coupons and free shipping on all Macy’s purchases. The highest level is Platinum and consumers at this level who spend $1,200 or more per year with a Macy’s credit card will receive the aforementioned benefits plus 5 percent back in rewards on every Macy’s purchase in-store and online.

Macy’s revamped Star Rewards program comes on the heels of its other growth strategies and efforts to draw shoppers back to stores. The retailer, which recently acquired Story, a New York City retail concept store, is increasing its off-price sector presence with 100 Backstage locations set to open within Macy’s stores in 2018. With its Backstage format, Macy’s is working to attract a new consumer demographic at a time where the retail landscape remains highly competitive.