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Mango Looks to Digital Fitting Rooms to Enhance the Shopping Experience


In its latest effort to ramp up interest in shopping its stores, Spanish fashion retail chain Mango has partnered with Vodafone—one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies—to install digital fitting rooms in all top Mango stores worldwide.

The focal point of the new dressing room is an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) interactive mirror, designed by Mango and developed by Vodafone in collaboration with Jogotech, a company that champions the use of forward-thinking technology solutions as the way to improve business practices.

Once inside the fitting rooms, shoppers needn’t leave until they’re ready to make a purchase. Clothing tags are scanned right through the mirror, and shoppers can contact customer service staff directly to request different colors or sizes using a digital watch. The mirror also suggests additional clothing that complements items the customer is already trying on.

This introduction of digital fitting rooms is the first phase of a digital transformation project Mango is implementing to encourage customers to engage with and relate to the brand. And the company envisages it as the perfect way to begin blending real-world and online shopping practices in order to improve the experience for the Mango customer.

“[Mango sees] the future of retailing as a blend of the online and the offline,” Guillermo Corominas, the company’s chief client officer and director of institutional relations, said. “These new fitting rooms are another step in the digital transformation of our stores to create a whole new experience for our customers.”

Vodafone is equally optimistic about the offering, looking at the move as a win-win for both the consumer and Mango. “This project helps put more power at the shopper’s fingertips,” said Vodafone Internet of Things director Stefano Gastaut. “[It] will bring Mango closer to its fashion conscious shoppers and offer them more options and experiences than a conventional fitting room.”

Mango is aiming to add the high-tech fitting rooms in all its top stores, from its base city Barcelona to New York.