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Mozu’s New Service Update Improves B2B Commerce Platform Functionality and Features

Mozu remains a hub for businesses that need major e-commerce TLC.

The modern cloud commerce platform is launching its latest service update with tools and services for B2B companies to succeed in the e-commerce market. Mozu’s Admin tools make maintenance easy, enabling companies to customize a website that harmonizes customer and business demands.

Mozu’s new service update includes a price list feature, so companies can provide their customers with special pricing, customize price lists and assign specific customers to each price list. Companies can also categorize the price list feature by product or region, so they can provide the right information to loyal customers while maintaining higher purchase rates.

In addition, Mozu’s new service update also allows B2B companies to improve customer payment management, establish a transition log and receive access to the platform’s API. Customers’ payment obligations under the new service update can be separated by spending limits and net payment terms. Purchase orders may also be used to pay for products. With a transition log, B2B companies will be able to view transactions against purchase order balances immediately without codes. Mozu’s API will also help B2B companies sync purchase orders with external tools.

All four solutions will allow merchants to experience heightened customer service, without sacrificing other business needs in a digital space.

Mozu’s vice president of architecture, Jonathan Roeder, commented, “Expectations are changing. Modern businesses need a commerce platform that continues to push the bounds of retail innovation and delivers B2B functionality that meets consumer-influenced expectations.”