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How This New Men’s Brand Brings a Personalized Custom Fit to Underwear

Every man knows the unique pain of a pair of underwear that just doesn’t fit. Nic Tailor, a brand new, direct-to-consumer underwear brand that launched earlier this week, thinks it has a permanent solution to that problem.

Calling itself the first-ever brand to offer custom-fit underwear for men, Nic Tailor is launching behind a robust customization platform that allows men to go online and input their measurements to acquire the perfect undergarment fit.

“Almost every man complains about his undergarments not fitting quite right,” founder and CEO Cal Mosack said in a statement. “We come in all shapes and sizes, but most men’s underwear only comes in S, M, L and XL—and we’re changing that.”

Mimicking the recent movement among women’s undergarment brands, Nic Tailor is paying special attention to the fit and feel of its products while providing unique DTC capabilities that offer consumers something different than they might expect from traditional brands in the innerwear space.

For instance, Nic Tailor offers a free membership program that allows their users to save their individual sizing measurements (which can be rather personal) and the ability to enroll in a program that will send them a new pair every three, six or 12 months.

The brand even offers free returns for when a consumer’s measurements aren’t totally reconciled with reality.

“Nic Tailor is an on-demand digital tailor that takes the guesswork out of buying underwear and undershirts by taking into consideration everything from your butt and groin size, to the slope of your shoulders, to create underwear that actually fits,” Mosack continued. “We’ve created a line of products every customer can wear with comfort and can’t wait to share it with every man who’s ever worn bad underwear.”

At launch, the brand said every pair will be manufactured in the U.S. from a “revolutionary blend” of 45 percent Lenzing Micro-Modal fibers, 45 percent Supima cotton and 10 percent Elastan to maintain the product’s shape and fit. Nic Tailor said it began the process of designing and sourcing the materials for its undergarments in 2018 but admitted that the technology to create the product it offers today “simply did not exist.”

“For two years, we worked with men and fit experts to address every underwear issue,” Nic Tailor’s lead designer Audie Cooper added. “From the seamless waistband and stitching to developing a luxurious fabric that is 90 percent natural, every design decision was made for the wearer, because greater fit equals greater comfort.”