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One Company Wants to Help Retailers Make Sense of all that Consumer Data

There’s no shortage of consumer data available to today’s apparel retailer, but it’s one thing to have mountains of information and quite another to know what to do with it.

One new platform promises to help sellers make sense of their analytics and convert them into profitable interactions.

OneMarket’s Customer Activation Platform pulls in consumer data across a retailer’s organization, and then segments it based on demographic, browsing/search behaviors, purchase history and customer preferences. By organizing the details into retail-specific categories, sellers will be able to more deeply interact with them throughout the entire purchase journey, including serving more accurate ads and post-sale engagement, according to the company.

The platform is meant to be completely turnkey, with AI-driven data displayed on a user-friendly dashboard. In addition to organizing info and providing digital receipts, the system can reach target segments with intelligent messaging via programmatic display and video, search, paid social, email and digital receipts. Users have the ability to pick and choose the features that make the most sense for their organization.

The company has seen the most traction among mid-size brick-and-mortar and digital retailers struggling to keep pace from a data and tech perspective, a spokesperson told Sourcing Journal. It’s also gaining traction among emerging retailers lacking budgets and resources to integrate or customize offerings from larger providers, she noted.

OneMarket said it requires no changes to existing tech stacks. To integrate the system, retailers send OneMarket their existing data feeds in whatever format they currently exist. After this is integrated, retailers can start visualizing and activating their data within 60 days, it said.

The company cites its retail roots in giving it an edge on understanding the nuances behind consumer data: Originally held within Australian shopping-center giant Westfield Corporation and known as Westfield Labs, OneMarket is now an independent entity based in San Francisco.  And unlike other platforms that need to be retooled for retail use, the company stressed that OneMarket was developed specifically—and only—for retailers, providing customer identification, data capture, data unification, analytics and activation under one roof.