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Online Shoppers Demand Speed and Visibility

As more people shop online, demands for accurate deliveries and accessible tracking are on the rise.

According to a recent OSM Worldwide study titled “The State of Online Shopper Expectations and Actions,” two-thirds of online shoppers will contact customer services if an urgent item arrives just one day late, while 44 percent of online shoppers say they check an item’s order status at least once daily.

Today, with the availability of advanced delivery services, such as Amazon’s same-day delivery, online shoppers expect fast and error-free delivery of their packages. Considering that USPS handles 47 percent of the world’s mail volume, retailers must work with their carriers to fulfill online consumers’ expectations and minimize late parcels and damaged packages.

Should an urgent item be three days late, 79 percent of online shoppers said they would contact customer service, meanwhile if a time-sensitive item, such as a birthday present, arrived a day late, more than half (66 percent) of online consumers would contact customer service. Regarding late urgent and time-sensitive item complaints, 71 percent of online shoppers would call customer service and 64 percent would email customer service. If an urgent or time-sensitive item experiences extended delays, 68 percent of online consumers would express frustration to their inner circles, including friends and family.

Damaged deliveries also upset many online shoppers and caused complaints. The study found that 64 percent of online shoppers have received a damaged package and 87 percent of online shoppers are likely or very likely to call customer service if their packages arrived broken, dented or ripped. Furthermore, 73 percent of online consumers are likely or most likely to share their frustrations with loved ones if they received a damaged package.

With package arrival and conditions in mind, online shoppers also expect retailers to provide them with unrestricted package tracking. Packing tracking is in high demand among online shoppers, with 55 percent of them expecting order status updates to be current and over a quarter desire daily updates about their packages. Online shoppers also expect to track their packages on many communication channels, including laptops, smartphones and tablets. Seventy-five percent rely on email tracking numbers to find out about their packages and 43 percent rely on email notifications. Additionally, 63 percent of online shoppers that use text alerts check their order status at least once daily.

In order to fulfill online shoppers’ growing demands, retailers must prioritize efficiency and transparency with package deliveries. Once retailers provide online shoppers with timely, undamaged and traceable packages, they will most likely sustain their market presence in today’s highly digitized retail scene.

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