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Online Shopping is About to Get Easier With This Sizing App

Finding the right size with apparel e-tailers will no longer be such a daunting task.

MySize Inc., an Israel-based tech company, is planning to launch an app that calculates body measurements for online shopping. The app, MySizeID, has undergone a successful first test and is beginning its initial trial process.

The sizing technology combines three core research components: anthropometric research, body measurement algorithm research and retailer size chart analysis to determine the correct clothing size when shopping online. MySize studied information on body measurements and how body parts correlated in order to develop the app. It then developed an algorithm to measure body parts virtually. Using retailers’ sizing charts and the corresponding “body to garment size,” the company can deliver accurate measurements.

“MySizeID is our next generation measurement application for online clothes shopping,” MySize CEO Ronen Luzon said. “It accurately measures a person’s body, in spite of natural movement and other factors challenging to recording precise calculations.”

Consumers also will have an easy time using the app. First, users place the smart phone on one side of their hip, move it to their other hip and then back again. By measuring the hip breadth, the app combines this information with a statistical algorithm to recommend the best size trousers.

With the results, consumers may create an online profile of their personal measurements, which can be used with partnering retailers to determine the right fit. Unlike other shopping tools, the app provides consumers with results that cater to their individual measurements. The profile can also be customized to include the consumers’ favorite brands, colors, styles and other apparel preferences. Consumers’ privacy is also protected, since the app does not rely on a smartphone camera to work.

Online retailers also benefit from the app. According to MySize, 70 percent of all online returns are due to ill-fitting apparel. With the app, retailers can minimize the amount of returns, while providing consumers with personalized choices for their wardrobe. Brand loyalty is also increased, since consumers will likely be satisfied with their merchandise and not have to struggle to obtain the right size across multiple channels.

MySize has not yet confirmed an official release date for the app.