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Real-Time App Helps Stores Combat Organized Retail Crime

A leading global supplier of merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, Checkpoint Systems, Inc. has announced a real-time app for smartphones and tablets that promotes real-time electronic article surveillance (EAS) and organized retail crime (ORC) event management, available now.

The new EVOLVE-store app was developed to address the requests of retail customers for an easy way to ensure that store associates use EAS investments appropriately, comply with store shoplifting policies and have EAS systems turned on and operating properly at all times.

Popular features include enabling retailers to measure and improve consumer conversion rates through real-time visibility of the number of shoppers in stores, measuring policy compliance by managing response times to alarm events and a staff panic alert to request help from associates.

The app also offers an EAS night-save feature to save power when the store is closed, the ability to test, mute or disable EAS systems remotely and multi-user logins for each smart device.

By monitoring, measuring and managing an EAS program, Checkpoint Systems says retailers can prevent shoplifters and ORC activity, while reducing shrink and increasing shelf availability, sales and profits.

The company also expects the new solution will lead to improved staff confidence and interaction with the EAS system, helping to increase the return on investment.

Shoppers benefit from EVOLVE-store too since stores can monitor inventory more closely to identify and replenish “true” out-of-stocks. Therefore, merchandise consumers are looking for will likely be available when purchasing online or in-stores.

According to the company, studies have also shown that shoppers feel safer in monitored retail environments.

“Technology should make life easier for both consumers and retailers,” said Uwe Sydon, senior vice president of innovation at Checkpoint Systems. “EVOLVE-Store accomplishes this, with simple implementation and proven loss prevention and merchandise availability benefits that offer advantages to everyone.”