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Reebok’s Latest Running Shoe Taps New Tech to Improve Speed

Reebok is gearing up for springtime outdoor sports activities by introducing the Fast Flexweave, a running shoe designed for ultracomfort and maximum speed.

The shoe is constructed using Flexweave, a new technology that uses an interlocking open-figure-eight weave that interlocks an unlimited number of fibers to provide seamless lightweight flexibility and breathable top support. The Flexweave material is made with chenille yarn, and was previously used in Reebok’s Nano 8 CrossFit shoes.

The runner also has a 3-D foam midsole equipped with footprint mapping for adaptive precision cushioning and carbon rubber rims under the toe and heel to provide strategic traction. It’s cut low to allow the foot the versatility to transition quickly from one movement to another.

Reebok is using social influencer and speed trainer Luis Badillo Jr., the man who professes to have “the world’s fastest feet,” to promote the shoe in a one-minute film. The short features Badillo sprinting through a series of scenes with comfort and ease wearing the Fast Flexweave.

Flexweave may make its way into more footwear this year, too. In January, the company announced it was teaming up with Joe Doucet x Partners, Modla and Odd Matter to develop a custom collection of fitness products using Flexweave.

“Flexweave is going to be a major part of the Reebok DNA moving forward,” Reebok Running global marketing director James Woolard said, last January. “With this creative and imaginative project, we’ve achieved exactly what we set out to do, demonstrate through collaborations in other fields what Flexweave can truly achieve when put to the ultimate test.”

Flexweave was created by Reebok Innovation Collective, a division of the company that collaborates with other industry leaders to develop innovative footwear and apparel.

The new Fast Flexweave will be available at Reebok stores and online beginning March 1.