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Report: In a Sea of Sameness, It Pays to be Different 

[tps_header]Seeking Balance: All Things Home[/tps_header]

Photo credit: Apartment by The Line

Staying in now offers as many choices as going out, and we are seeing consumers choosing to use the home in new ways, as brands reach out to consumers at home. Interior décor has become the new white space.

Underlying motivation:

Digital innovations are allowing consumers more and more options for dining and entertainment, while the overall casualization of fashion lends itself perfectly to laid-back dinners and relaxed social settings. A mood of casual comfort prevails.

What’s next:

At home entertainment options will continue to evolve, from streaming options like HBO GO to original series hits from Netflix. IMAX is already creating home theaters and delivery services like Seamless and Plated will only gain in popularity. As this trend grows, more and more industries will tap into it.