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Research Shows Consumers Prefer Intelligent, Personalized Dialogue With Customer Service

The majority of customers today expect conversational interactions with customer service.

Nuance Communications, Inc., the Intelligent Authentication Conference and the Opus Research Intelligent Assistants released results of a survey that demonstrated consumers’ customer service thoughts. The survey demonstrated that 89 percent of consumers expect and prefer personal communication when it comes to customer service. Other findings included the fact that 87 percent of consumers said having a positive reaction with a company determines their future relationship with that company—including increased loyalty.

Another 2016 Nuance survey also fortified consumers’ perspectives about customer service. Eighty-nine percent of respondents said they want to speak with virtual assistants to find information quickly, as opposed to researching on a mobile app.

Customer service personalization also stayed strong in this survey—more than 70 percent of respondents said they want their conversation with customer service to be personalized. Sixty-four percent of consumers favor proactive customer service that provides them with reminders and suggestions. Lastly, 83 percent of respondents said personalization was also important for authentication in the customer service experience—including an alternative to passwords, pins and voice biometrics.

At the Opus Research IA Conference in London this week, Nuance will showcase Nuance Nina, the company’s intelligent virtual assistant which delivers a multi-channel customer service experience. The company will also present voice biometrics solutions, which smooth authentication and provide consumers the ability to use their voice as a password.

In today’s competitive market, customer service demands keep evolving as technology increases and solutions are more apparent. Regardless, small and large retailers must take this into consideration across all channels and commerce platforms.