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Revolve to Double Down On Personalized Product Recommendations

Personalization could be the key to consumers’ hearts, and brands are eager to unlock their full spending power through new tech tools.

Snap+Style Business (S+SB), an omnichannel retail technology platform that helps e-commerce sites curate and personalize suggestions for their shoppers, is looking for a win in 2020. The retail clienteling platform announced a collaboration with millennial-beloved online marketplace Revolve on Monday.

The partnership will be implemented on S+SB’s StyleWidget for Microsoft Azure (the tech giant’s cloud computing arm). The StyleWidget debuted first in November 2019, and S+SB plans to integrate it into its existing Style Experts web styling and clienteling service.

The StyleWidget is a digital tool for both online and offline one-on-one conversations between stylists and customers while the S+SB platform strives to streamline a customer’s fashion journey by powering digital innovation, human expertise and AI. Sales associates and stylists can use self-declared customer data, like their preferences, as well as purchase history, to access predictive product recommendations. Those products are visually curated by the platform, enhancing stylists’ ability to respond swiftly and efficiently to customer queries.

Revolve’s style experts, Ally and Ryan, along with their team of stylists, will help accelerate the StyleWidget’s turnaround time for recommendations on product and styles. According to a statement from S+SB, the Revolve partnership could streamline that process by nearly 50 percent.

S+SB’s curation capabilities will empower Revolve stylists with visual data and access to detailed customer profiles. According to the company’s co-founder and chief brand officer, Anna Jensen, the company is on a strong growth trajectory for 2020, and partnering with lifestyle firm Revolve will allow the retail tech company to reach new targets.

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“Revolve is taking personalization to the next level, and our platform will only amplify their impact in e-commerce,” she said. “Snap+Style Business enhances clienteling capabilities with a powerful combination of digitized conversations, visual curation and a stylist’s editorial eye, in real time. Thanks to Microsoft Azure’s capacity and flexibility, we are able to extend our client reach in the fashion and retail industries globally.”

Jennifer Fan, director of customer retention at Revolve, said the partnership would enable the site’s style experts to respond to shoppers with more precise product recommendations, “deepening the connection to our customers at each interaction.”

In today’s shifting retail landscape, brands must connect with customers in ways that are more intuitive and personalized, Microsoft Corp.’s general manager of worldwide retail and consumer goods, Keith Mercier, said.

“The journey to conversion and customer satisfaction is complex,” he said, adding that Microsoft Azure would help S+SB scale its solutions for the retail and fashion industries.