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Shop By Shape, Not Size: Fovo Revamps Women’s E-Commerce

What if consumers were able to filter their online clothing search only by body type?

Now they can, thanks to Fovo. The e-commerce fashion site launched by dMondaine CEO Kiana Anvaripour and Zappos founder Nick Swinmurn lets women shop by shape, not size.

“There was really a conversation that we needed to have, where we change our thinking. Size tends to be quote-on-quote a shameful thing where shape is something to be embraced. It really is what’s on top of the purchase funnel and missing from the retail experience,” Anvaripour said.

Prior to Fovo’s launch, Anvaripour was involved in the fashion industry for many years. During the development of her luxury shapewear brand dMondaine, she spent many hours in the fitting room with her female customers. She would change the conversation from, “What do you want to hide?” to “What do you want to highlight?” Keeping this in mind, she teamed up with Swinmurn to launch Fovo, a platform that would personalize e-commerce and provide women with an easier shopping experience.

“We wanted to present it in a way to women that is really inviting and friendly, like your best friend who will tell you, ‘Hey, this looks great on you. That is really how Fovo, we hope, resonates with women in that face-to-face where they can find something that looks great on them,” Anvaripour said.

On Fovo’s homepage, new visitors receive a quiz invitation before they shop. The shopper is asked first, “What is your favorite part of your body to show off?” The next question asks, “On any given Monday, what do you wear?” Various celebrities appear for the third question where Fovo asks, “Which style icon does your body resemble the most?” The fourth question asks, “On any given Saturday, what do you wear?” Then, the shopper is asked, “How do you prefer your clothes to fit?” And “What sizes do you normally wear in jeans, dresses and tops?” Finally, Fovo asks, “What hem length works for you?”

The platform then presents clothing options based on the quiz’s results. From there, shoppers may find styles based on their unique body type, thanks to Fovo’s algorithm that goes up to a size 32 and filters clothing options easily. Once the shopper finds items they like, Fovo brings them to the online retailer’s website where they may directly purchase the item. Prices aren’t featured on Fovo in order to keep it strictly an exploration site.

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“We don’t hold onto any inventory. We are essentially extracting the best of the best for you. So our platform features everybody from Neiman Marcus to Forever 21, depending on your budget,” Anvaripour said.

Future developments for Fovo include brand partnerships, events and guest bloggers. Anvaripour spoke about how Fovo will feature more positive body image content, in order to provide all women with a safe digital communicative space: “We are going to be developing more content around women we love, that are setting a great example for body love and how to embrace your body whatever it may be,” she said.