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Shopify Expands Into Wholesale With Handshake

It’s no secret e-commerce has boomed during the pandemic. As an e-commerce platform, Shopify naturally has felt the boost, with its second quarter revenue growing 97 percent year over year.

With its core business flourishing, Shopify officially expanded into the wholesale marketplace this fall.

Called Handshake, the free-to-join platform gives retailers access to tens of thousands of products from handpicked suppliers, brings new business to brands that sell wholesale and connects retails and suppliers.

On the retailing side, Shopify said its curated selection of products will result in less searching and more sales. For those looking for local products specifically, the service lets users filter by state.

The e-commerce platform also touted several benefits for wholesalers. Built by Shopify, Handshake allows for suppliers to manage their wholesale business in the same ecosystem and backend as the rest of their business on Shopify. Additionally, all retailers must have a reseller ID to join and buy on Handshake, ensuring users can trust those they end up doing business with.