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Simon Says Shoppers Prefer Malls Over Online Retail

Malls remain the top destination for today’s shoppers.

According to a recent Simon study, more than 70 percent of shoppers prefer shopping at their favorite mall versus online for special occasions. Conducted by independent research firm Dreyfus Advisors, LLC, the survey of 1,200 individuals explored multiple channel shopping experiences and consumer psychology.

The study confirmed that shoppers prefer their favorite mall versus online for many special occasions, including life events (like a new job, new home or having a baby) and wardrobe updates. For general special occasions, shoppers preferred going to the mall (79 percent) six times more than an online experience (13 percent). Seventy-seven percent of shoppers preferred the mall over an online experience (14 percent) to update their wardrobes. For special life events, shoppers were five times more likely to go to the mall (75 percent) instead of buying from an online retailer (15 percent).

Consumers surveyed showed many emotional and practical reasons for choosing malls as their favorite shopping destination. Shoppers like malls because they provide them with the opportunity to find stores they couldn’t find elsewhere and also new discoveries that were not available in the e-commerce sector. Malls also provided an easier shopping experience for in-person product interactions without shipping fees or the risk of buying wrong sizes. Shoppers also prefer malls because they find great deals that often aren’t advertised online as frequently. For a fun way to obtain new items and escape from stress, shoppers also said that the mall was their top choice over online commerce.

“Malls are the destination of choice for the vast majority of today’s shoppers,” said Mikael Thygesen, chief marketing officer for Simon. He added, “Mall shopping is a fun, social, and rewarding experience that can’t be replicated online and we’re investing in our assets to ensure we remain the preferred choice of shoppers for years to come.”