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SJ REPORT: Everything You Need to Know About RFID and Your Business

Radio frequency identification (RFID) has seen a recent resurgence as retailers seek more accurate inventory counts in order to deliver a true omnichannel experience to ever-savvy consumers.

Retailers now know consumers are constantly shopping, and today’s buyer wants the freedom to make purchases anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

Sourcing Journal spoke with Dr. Bill Hardgrave, Dean of the Harbert College of Business at Auburn University and founder of the RFID Research Center at the University of Arkansas and Francisco Melo, VP of global RFID at Avery Dennison to discuss the technology and demystify the implementation process.

The single most relevant factor for today’s fashion market is seamless shopping and, according to Hardgrave, “The only way you can guarantee omnichannel is if you know exactly what you have and where you have it.”

Retailers once saw RFID as a tool that could be useful, but had no sense of urgency to incorporate it, Hardgrave explained. But with the omnichannel experience becoming a necessary offering over the last eighteen months, “Retailers are realizing if they don’t embrace it and head down this path of omnichannel, they’re going to be obsolete in a few years,” he said.

Today, Melo added, “This acceleration of RFID adoption is being driven by improvements in the RFID technology itself, an increasingly streamlined implementation process and a better understanding of the ROI RFID can provide due to highly-visible RFID initiatives by leading global retailers.”

In this report, Hardgrave and Melo outline how RFID creates business value for retailers and offer a look at what’s to come for the technology.

Click here to download the report.