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Invisible Mannequin Photography Could Ease E-commerce Product Shots

StyleShoots is working with Pentherformes Group to introduce a new product photography solution.

The photo-machine manufacturer signed an agreement with Pentherformes Group to become a worldwide distributor of Ghost MNQs, an assortment of ghost mannequins for advanced e-commerce product photography. Starting Saturday, StyleShoots will handle all distribution and worldwide sales for Ghost MNQs.

“We see this agreement as an exciting, logical step forward,” said Morten Bach, chief security officer at Pentherformes Group. “Partnering up with a clear market leader in product photography allows us to focus on developing even more great new products.”

StyleShoots has enhanced digital product photography with many developments, including StyleShoots Vertical, the company’s all-in-one photo equipment that shoots garments with “invisible” mannequins. With the ability to take backgroundless and web-ready shots quickly, many popular retailers, including Billabong Group and Zalando, utilize StyleShoots’ technology for their online businesses.

Invisible mannequins such as Pentherformes Group’s Ghost MNQs provide a “hollow man” effect, which creates the illusion of a transparent person wearing garments in digital product photos.

As part of this partnership, StyleShoots now offers four Ghost MNQ models, including a male torso, a female torso, male legs and female legs. Each Ghost MNQ model comes with removable body pieces and is available in a variety of sizes for creative styling. Manufactured with magnets, sliding pins, glass fiber and a pure white matte coating, Ghost MNQs are highly easy to use as well. When combined with StyleShoots Vertical, Ghost MNQs establish a more seamless product photography experience, with shortened set-up, dismantling and post-production time.

“We are very happy to continue a partnership with the manufacturers of the highest quality invisible mannequins,” StyleShoots chief executive Maurits Teunissen said. “Because of our growing international sales network, both parties agreed that StyleShoots’ position in the market enables it to be an arrangement that hugely benefits us both.”