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ThirdLove Gives Fit Finder Quiz an Interactive Upgrade

Four years after introducing its Fit Finder quiz, digitally native intimates brand ThirdLove is using technology to evolve the questionnaire into an interactive online process called “The Fitting Room.”

The new interactive iteration is based on data collected from over 17.6 million users—and more than 100 million fit insights—since the original Fit Finder quiz launched in 2016.

ThirdLove co-founder and CEO Heidi Zak said advancements in technology made the new iteration possible. “The customer is also demanding more and more. The Fit Finder is four years old now. It was time for an update,” she said, adding the new quiz, which launched Tuesday, also reflects ThirdLove’s evolution.

Zak said the quiz incorporates qualitative and quantitative data. The original questionnaire included questions that some women didn’t understand, such as cup gaping, she said. The new 3D animations visually illustrate what information ThirdLove was seeking to advise on fit. Not understanding how to answer a question was one of the reasons why some women failed to complete the quiz, Zak added.

The quiz’s second component is new, and suggests different style options. In some ways, those options were always available, but instead of the customer searching on the site, the new feature helps zero in on specific merchandise options within certain style preferences, and the visuals help consumers see how certain styles might be better for some activities and needs.

Zak said the company in recent years has built out its underwear line, a “huge growth category” that more than doubled from 2019 to 2020.

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The third addition to the quiz enables returning customers who have undergone lifestyle changes to update fit options.

According to Zak, women are still buying bras even as they have moved from the office to working at home during the coronavirus pandemic. “I do think there’s more focus on comfort, maybe more focus on no-underwire bras,” she said.

In March, ThirdLove will launch a loungewear line, Zak said, although she didn’t provide many details other than that it includes a jogger-styled bottom and will be a “pretty robust collection.” The pieces are softer in style, much like sleep loungewear, but fashionable enough to be worn out and about.

“While we received a terrific response from our original Fit Finder quiz, we learned that our customers are craving a more visual and engaging fitting process, which served as the catalyst for the advanced Fitting Room platform,” Ra’el Cohen, ThirdLove’s coFounder and chief creative officer, said. “Since finding the right style is just as important as finding the perfect fit, we redesigned the Fitting Room experience to emulate a personalized in-store fitting session, in which we can both recommend appropriate sizes, and share products and styles from new categories, as we continue to expand offerings and grow the business into a lifestyle brand.”