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Tommy Hilfiger Taps Into Wearable Tech With Solar Powered Jacket

American fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger has ventured into the realm of wearable technology in a new partnership with Pvilion, a design and manufacturing company of photovoltaic (PV) solar products, to design and produce a solar powered jacket.

The limited edition jacket exclusively for the 2014 holiday season features seven detachable solar panels for the men’s jacket, 10 for the women’s, that provide energy to power an array of electronic devices like mobile phones and tablets. The Pvilion solar panels snap easily on and off the back of the jacket.

A cable runs through the garment’s lining connecting the panels to a detachable battery pack located in the jacket’s front pocket. The battery pack has two USB ports that allow the wearer to charge up to two devices through a USB cord. The battery pack can also be charged with a laptop or an external power outlet. When it is not in use, it stores the energy for use at a later time.

The solar panel unit is water resistant, lightweight and made with flexible amorphous silicon technology, created by Pvilion. When the unit is in direct sunlight, the solar panels have the ability to fully charge the battery pack, which can then completely charge a standard 1500mAh (milliamp hours) device, like a portable charger, up to four times.

The jacket is available in men’s and women’s styles and features a weatherproof upper half with an Abraham Moon wool section below. Fifty percent of all net proceeds go to the Fresh Air Fund, a nonprofit agency that provides city children in low-income communities with free summer experiences in the country, through summer camps and host family programs.

The tech jackets are priced at $599 and are currently available in select Tommy Hilfiger stores throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and online at