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Verishop’s New Update Mixes Social Media With E-Commerce

When it launched in July 2019, the millennial-focused shopping platform Verishop said its first focus was nailing its commerce experience.

With that foundation built—Verishop says it has “a best-in-class Net Promoter Score and a healthy repeat rate among [its] shoppers”—the platform has added a slew of social features to its mobile app.

The update, released earlier this month, lets users upload photos and videos, tag products in their content, share their curated collection boards, follow people and brands and access “For You” and “Following” feeds of shoppable content personalized using artificial intelligence.

Verishop said it believes these additions “will open Verishop up for everyone to share their ideas and grow a following on our platform.” The under-35 group, two-thirds of its users, “is a demographic that finds lifestyle ideas online, loves to express their individualism, and share their style choices with their followers,” the shopping platform said.

More than a year after its debut, Verishop features nearly 1,000 brands, whether direct-to-consumer, independent or traditional. Additionally, it now offers expanded channels for vendors to more easily work with DTC brands, digitally native companies and small businesses that don’t typically sell wholesale. The platform also provides free shipping and returns, 24/7 customer care and best price guarantee.

As the pandemic has left consumers less than eager to shop in-person, many have turned to e-commerce. For company after company, the segment has proven to be the bright spot in an otherwise bleak year.

During Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual Brand Disruption Summit, CEO Randall Rothenberg cited Adobe Analytics data that showed 2020 had delivered 130 $2-billion e-commerce days through August. Outside of the holiday period, 2019 only produced two such days.

This spring saw the e-commerce giant Shopify launch its own consumer-facing app. Simply called Shop, it allows North American shoppers to browse and purchase products from any merchants that use Shopify’s e-commerce logistics platform or its in-store point-of-sale services.