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Walmart Expands in Canada as Others Move Out

Walmart Canada will complete its expansion for the company’s current fiscal year by opening 11 Supercenters by Jan. 29. Once completed, these projects will bring the total Walmart Canada store count to 394, including 280 Supercenters and 114 discount stores.

Five stores were opened across Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan and British Columbia on Jan. 22, and the remaining six will open on Jan. 29 in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and Alberta.

The projects not only involve building new stores, but expanding, remodeling and relocating existing stores. Walmart has so far invested over $500 million in the Canadian economy with its projects.

Gino DiGioacchino, executive vice president of ecommerce and chief of operations at Walmart Canada, said, “We’re thrilled to bring our Supercenter format, offering a full complement of fresh groceries, to PEI for the first time as well as the other nine openings happening today and next week.” He continued, “We want to help as many Canadian families as possible save money on their weekly groceries and their general merchandise need. We are looking forward to hearing from our customers.”

In 2014, the 11 stores donated and raised more than $350,000 for charities and organizations for those in need. In celebration of the upcoming grand openings, the stores will present donations to local organizations.

While Walmart appears to be flourishing in Canada, other major retail companies are not doing as well. Target Corp. announced this month that it would end all operations in Canada, closing 133 stores and putting 17,600 employees out of work.

Target had struggled in Canada since the outset, and officially filed for Bankruptcy after experiencing a net loss of $2 billion since 2011. The company reported that stores would remain open during liquidation, and that it would pay all of its employees a minimum of 16 weeks compensation pending approval of the court.