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Zara Forays Further Into Slow Fashion Business With New Studio Collection

Ever touted for its fast fashion prowess, Inditex-owned Zara is slowing things down a bit with a new studio collection for men made up of staple items that won’t turn over quite as quickly as the store’s oft-replenished trendier pieces.

Zara has already offered its studio collection for women over the past several seasons, but as Racked reported, the men’s set is expected to be more “daring” than the women’s basic blouses, button-ups and skirts.

The men’s line will feature goods mainly made from corduroy, wool and a silk-cotton blend, and include items like a plaid blazer, peaked-lapel topcoat, a shacket (cross between a shirt and a jacket) in boucle wool, plus options for suiting, turtlenecks and tees.

A spokesperson for Zara told Racked the collection will have “elevated tailoring, fabrics and feel,” all at reasonable prices.

The line is expected to lend an air of luxury to the brand but whether it will be well received remains to be seen.

But with its success, Zara has room to test new concepts. The store’s quick fashion strategy has set the stage from a slew of brands aiming to mimic the model. Inditex owner Amancio grew the former family dress maker into Spain’s biggest company and last Friday the leader briefly surpassed Microsoft magnate Bill Gates to become the world’s richest man (a 10 percent share surge in the price of Microsoft during the day later put Gates back on top).

Styles from Zara’s new studio collection will hit select stores starting Nov. 1.