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Apparel Sourcing Show Showcases Central America’s Competitive Advantage

The Apparel Sourcing Show is preparing to demonstrate the capabilities of the apparel and textile sectors in Central America.

The show, which will be held May 14-16 in Guatemala City, will showcase the region’s competitive advantage in the face of changing world market trends. It is the only regional platform where all members of the apparel and textile value chain in Central America can present their capabilities to buyers and promote the integration of the supply chain.

The apparel industry continues to be a fundamental pillar for the economies of Central American countries, especially in the face of recent global complexities. In 2018, Guatemala’s garment and textile sector was one of the few categories to experience a growth in exports, registering an increase of 9.3 percent.

This year the trade show, which is organized by the Garment and Textile Association of Guatemala (VESTEX), seeks to take advantage of these growth trends and propel the industry into the future. The show will present the latest in supply chain enhancements, including innovations that optimize time and resources, technical developments in cotton fabrics, intelligent technology in synthetic fabrics and recycling and regeneration processes for sustainable garments.

“The industry continues to be dynamic on the subject of the market, being flexible and innovative in its production to increase productivity, added value and thus impact on the country’s exports,” according to Lucía Palacios, director of promotion for VESTEX. In this sense, it is essential to continue promoting the integration of the supply chain, giving factories the opportunity to know what other companies within the chain are doing and in what areas they are innovating, Palacios added.

The exhibition floor will feature 200 exhibitors, representing the entire supply chain, including raw materials and finishings, textiles, packaging, shipping, technology and machinery. The show is known for offering a variety of raw materials suppliers that offer the opportunity to create more sophisticated garments with higher added value. This has been an important factor in the increase in orders that was seen in 2018.

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Textile exhibitors will make up 39 percent of the exhibitors, finishing and sewing machinery will constitute 20 percent of vendors and the rest will be made up of clothing, services and accessories companies. Half of the exhibitors will be expected to be international from countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, the United States, Turkey, Canada, China, Korea, Brazil, Spain and Peru among others. This year, the Textile Federation of Taiwan will exhibit for the first time, showing innovations in smart fabrics.

The show is also a valuable networking opportunity and to facilitate more face-to-face interactions, Apparel Sourcing is launching a connectivity platform designed to facilitate meetings within the framework of the fair and bring together companies based on their real interests and capabilities. Through this platform, participants can preview attendees and exhibitors and generate business appointments in advance.

The Matchmaking Meeting Program is an exclusive activity for international buyers and apparel manufacturers where in three days they are able to have one-on-one prescheduled business meetings according to each profile. Producing in Central America does have its incomparable advantages such as quick delivery (six to eight weeks lead times), flexible production, duty free access to the U.S, Mexico, Europe among others and high added value garments.

Additionally, the show will present Moda País, a showroom within the event designed to foster fashion and design and the creation of national brands for export by highlighting local talent and innovations.

The Apparel Sourcing Show 2019 will be held on May 14, 15 and 16 in Guatemala City at the Grand Tikal Futura convention center. For more information visit