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Arzee Streamlines and Nearshores its Elevated Basics and Athletic Classics

Arzee International is transforming the development and manufacturing process.

Arzee InternationalAs a member of an industry that is still saddled with time-consuming, labor-intensive and costly manufacturing processes, the Los Angeles-based sourcing, development and manufacturing company is getting back to basics—literally.

Arzee International has focused its operations on building out a deep library of patterns and samples centered on three core categories of Athletic Classics, Elevated Basics and Streetwear Staples. The lines are inspired by classic American design, refined, elevated and available for both men and women. Arzee International also partnered with its strategic fabric mills to innovate and elevate their stock buys of fleece, terry and jersey fabrics.

“We’ve successfully managed to simplify the apparel design and manufacturing process for our material suppliers, factory and clients, while expanding our offering to an exponential number of design options,” said Arzee International founder Ryan Zimmerman.

Customers can choose from a wide array of proven silhouettes, leverage limitless color choices and wash options for color effects, along with additional embellishments to create a seamless open development platform that simplifies designs, reduces development costs, and enables quicker turnarounds on initial orders and replenishment programs.

The transition has paid off with Arzee International expanding both its capacity and onshore footprint through a joint venture with a large Mexico-based manufacturer.

“The timing is perfect with China consumed by tariffs, viruses, long manufacturing and shipping lead times, high MOQs, and long flights for factory visits. Our South American partners focus on streamlining and automating operations, which allows us to deliver in four to six weeks, where a typical Asian factory needs anywhere from 12 to 16 weeks. The setup allows our clients to leverage our L.A.-based factory for development and small batch manufacturing, and produce larger quantities in Mexico at lower cost in one seamless process,” Zimmerman said.

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