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Foursource, ColorDigital Team on Digital Apparel and Textile Sourcing

Foursource and DMIx Cloud by ColorDigital are joining forces to create a common standard for digital apparel and textile sourcing.

As a first step, the two German companies are synchronizing their data structures to enable direct exchange of data between the two platforms. This will increase the availability of 3D fabrics for digital workflows, while increasing transparency into the origin of materials, they noted.

With 3D fabrics, physical samples become redundant and shipment of samples obsolete, reducing the environmental impact. At the same time, processes are enhanced by realistic simulations of a product where decisions can be taken instantaneously.

Combining the high quality systematic and standardized material scanning of the DMIx Cloud with global accessibility via Foursource’s established industry network will allow the digitalization of the supply chain, the companies said. Product developers can import fabrics to their 3D development software, with all the characteristics needed and in just one click.

As in other industries, this new way of working will make supply chains faster, more resilient and more resource efficient. The DMIx PaX technology provides schemes for various product categories such as fabric, trims and leather, that are already used by more than 20,000 international brands and vendors creating real-time connections.

The integration with Foursource material catalogs is the start of a globally operating initiative to create an open source of standardized data. DMIx Cloud is a single source for digital product development, product sourcing and sales workflows. It enables cross team design development for colors, materials and products connected with necessary resources on an industrial level.

Based on digital appearance, physical measurements and technical data, users create and share digital twins of their products. DMIx Cloud is a Software as a service (SaaS) solution to connect all necessary means for a preferably digital workflow.

Foursource hosts one of the largest networks for the apparel and textile industry on its platform. Manufacturers of clothes and fabrics create comprehensive company profiles with virtual showrooms and catalogues. On the other side, individuals can sign up as buyers to find new suppliers, manage their existing network, request quotes for their products and get verified up-to-date data about compliance certificates or collaborate with their team.