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Utah Factory Offers ‘Supply Chain Solution’ Amid Holiday Mayhem

With U.S. ports backed up, cargo ships idling off-shore and thousands of merchants left wondering if their goods will be offloaded in time for the upcoming holiday season, non-profit company FutureINDesign (FIND) is committing to manufacturing and delivering any “cut and sew”-type goods before the end of the year.

“We are the supply chain solution,” said Nicholina Womack, president of FIND, which counts Google, Union Pacific and Blacksmith International among its partners. “We have a well-equipped factory in Price, Utah, and we stand ready to take, create and ship orders in time for clients, large or small, to have product on their shelves or offered online in time for the end of this year. The bonus is you not only get your soft goods manufactured in a timely manner, you also provide good paying jobs to people in rural America that are grappling with lack of opportunities.”

FutureINDesign’s production capabilities range from houseware items to outdoor products and medical soft goods. This includes fleece, leggings, homewares, drapes, bed linens, pillows, sheets, children’s apparel, sublimation, pattern making, marker making, shirts, and elbow and knee braces.

“We can produce thousands of pieces a week,” Womack said. “And we don’t have to concern our partners/clients with international travel, shipping and delivery. We will get your product made to your specifications, packaged and shipped.”

She said FutureINDesign’s guarantee is that companies will meet their 2021 holiday supply shipments and sales.

“We are building our business with state-of-the art equipment, fantastic and dedicated technicians, and extreme confidence, and we know we can meet your requirements for holiday fabrication and shipping,” Womack added.

FIND Mfg. is a manufacturing workforce development nonprofit that builds sustainable communities. FIND is transitioning a mining industry workforce to sustainable micro-factories. Its innovative manufacturing model reinvigorates the workforce with employment and education opportunities.