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Video: From Certificates to Certainty

The pressure for brands to deliver is greater than ever today. Not only are consumers looking for trend right products, they also want quality goods at a fair price. Further, they expect the garments in their closets to be true to their labels. As challenging as the industry has found it to deliver on the first concerns, the latter has sometimes proven especially difficult given the make up of the current apparel supply chain.

David Greenstein, CEO of Himatsingka America, said until recently brands and retailers only needed to focus on the finished product.

“It allowed the industry to, out of the limelight, do what they needed to do to make price work. So what mostly happened was people relied on certification and said as long as they were getting the correct certificates that looked authentic and as long as their suppliers were giving them the correct indemnifications, they were prepared to believe anything that was on a package so that’s what became the standard,” he said.

And Himatsingka America was no different.

The company had been assuming its Pima cotton was pure. That was until it was proven otherwise. From that point, Greenstein’s team began to investigate what was really happening in the supply chain. What they found were “murky” practices, but they also discovered a solution.

Watch the video to learn how the company was confronted with the truth and what it has done since to become confident enough to stand behind its product today.