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Why Trendy US Brands Choose Peru’s Inkasign for Unique Knits

Fashion is first and foremost a means of self-expression and individuality. With this need in mind, Peruvian private-label knitwear manufacturer Inkasign is working with its brand partners to create garments that stand out in the market.

For more than 15 years, Inkasign has been offering high-quality knitted garments made of the finest alpaca fiber, wool, cotton, organic cotton and blends to the trendiest brands in the U.S. and European markets. Inkasign is a semi-vertical manufacturer that offers unique and sustainable garments and yarns. The factory—which can produce more than 90,000 sweaters per year—creates no excess environmental harm and generates a positive impact on associated people and communities across the country.

In addition to sustainability, Inkasign is investing in innovation. To differentiate its creations from common and simple yarns, Inkasign’s offerings include hand painted, tie-dyed and veggie dyed yarns combining colors. The producer has acquired state-of-the-art machines to develop garments with stitches, which opens up more possibilities for brands to create unique garments. Inkasign’s CEO Ricardo Holder works hard together with production engineer Saleh Kahatt to reinvent new shapes and structures in any yarn blend, inspired by their shared strong passion for Peruvian natural fibers. This focus on novelty gives Inkasign the chance to offer more to its own customers, but it also contributes to the end consumer’s appreciation of the garment.

Even with the development of differentiated techniques, Inkasign creates prototypes in a swift fashion that can save brands time and money. These can be used as sales samples, making the wholesale order process smoother. Inkasign’s delivery time depends on the number of pieces, styles, yarn and colors, but they make sure that production is shipped on time, satisfying the most exigent client. The sales team works closely with the production team to fulfill partners’ requirements for quality, time and the final product, maintaining great communication with customers. This is what makes Inkasign different from other manufacturers.

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“To be the best, we have to deliver the best products, satisfaction, excellent communication, and have continuity in the market as well as developing a great and long-lasting relationship with our clients over the years, and the only way to achieve it is fulfilling those steps,” said Holder.

Among Inkasign’s loyal customers in the United States and Europe are Anthropologie, Johnny Was, Free People, Velvet, Mother Denim, Ulla Johnson, Mara Hoffman, Hatch, Doen, Love Shack Fancy, Peruvian Connection, Lilla P., Filson, Gerard Darel, Pablo, Cuddle + Kind and Blabla Kids, all of whom have been developing their collections with Inkasign with great satisfaction for a long time. The company also recently starting working with the French brand Mes Demoiselles.

Besides sweaters, Inkasign manufactures knitted dresses, knitted vests, scarves, shawls, throws, blankets, knitted toys, socks, knitted gloves, knitted hats, industrial and handmade, customized trims according to creations of private label designers, besides their own brand blended yarn. Among Inkasign’s specialties is hand-knitted dolls for children’s brands, of which a large number of units are sold. One of the brands that promotes these dolls is Cuddle + Kind, which gives back by donating meals to families in need from different countries every time they sell a product.

Cuddle and Kind
Cuddle + Kind’s dolls Courtesy

A key aspect that has helped Peruvian manufacturers grow their exports is the United States’ free trade agreement with Peru, which allows duty-free imports. Peru also has a free trade agreement with all European Union countries, as well as with Asian countries, Australia and Latin American nations. Free trade agreements have made it easy for importers to trade, reducing costs and offering competitive prices. Since several brands are shifting production to other countries, where prices are still competitive and tariffs are not charged on imports coming from those countries, this is a great opportunity to start doing business with Peruvian manufacturers. The free trade agreement between Peru and the United States and also with European countries makes working with Inkasign attractive.

Inkasign is participating in Sourcing at Magic Online, as well as at Peru Moda, virtually presenting a variety of ideas to work with. Inkasign can help to create your new collection by sending swatches combining different yarns and stitches. To learn more about Inkasign, visit, or email your enquiries to