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ISA TanTec Relaunches Luxury Leather Division

Macau-based ISA TanTec relaunched its Luxury Leather Division targeting the affordable luxury and travel bag market.

ISA TanTec has established its name as a provider of Italian leather, white athletic leather, leather cutting, leather trims and leather laces.

The company said the newly relaunched division offers fashionable leathers featuring a variety of tannages, finishing options and pricing. There’s dedicated global sales and service support for its new and existing handbag customers, ISA TanTec added.

Uwe Hutzler, CEO of the ISA TanTec group, said, “We see significant opportunities to enter into [the] luxury segment due to the available leather volume in the market and the increasing awareness of environmentally friendly manufacturing process.”

The company said expert technicians specializing in Korean handbag leather types develop the leathers on offer in the new division, whose products are well suitable for a wide range of items such as handbags, accessories and leather goods for both men and women.

ISA TanTec said the raw materials used in the Luxury Leather Division are “traceable to the meat processing facility, with a dedicated sustainable handbag leather production line and the most advanced RSL system that applies to all products.”

ISA TanTec is an eco-friendly leather manufacturer that follows a trademarked LITE (Low Impact To the Environment) manufacturing concept. It currently operates four tanneries located in China, Italy, the U.S. and Vietnam, and is committed to environmental excellence and sustainability.