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Lever Style’s Comprehensive Manufacturing Model Builds a Backbone for Apparel

As the apparel industry strives to be more consumer-centric amid unprecedented demand and supply chain congestion, Lever Style is taking a 360-degree approach to ensure that its partner brands can always fulfill their customer needs.

The Hong Kong-based apparel manufacturer and supplier is positioning itself as a central hub that can serve all brand partners regardless of their growth stage.

Lever Style operates via a multi-faceted model designed to build a diversified partner chain that meets the flexible needs of clients, regardless of order quantity, cost, apparel category, distribution channel or styling details.

The company’s sourcing capabilities are the first layer, offering a range of materials, including sustainable options, based on a long history working with production sites and suppliers in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, India and Cambodia.

Materials are sourced for specialty categories such as performance outerwear, knitwear, sweaters, denim and athleticwear among many others. This diversification among both countries and categories can better enable brands to capitalize on ongoing programs or emerging trends.

“People don’t want to hop around. They don’t have the resources to work with one manufacturer this season and then another one the next season. They are looking for a multi-category manufacturer and a long-term partner,” said Kimberly Wallis, vice president of product development and sales at Lever Style.

The second layer highlights the integration of third-party technologies into its ecosystem for its partner brands to freely use in one turnkey terminal. Apparel companies will gain access to 3D sampling and fitting, PLM from Centric Software, supply chain visibility from Pivot 88, and educational content videos. With overseas travel being challenged due to Covid-19, Lever Style can also aid in the development process using technology to provide visibility to its fabric library and virtual showroom.

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Facet three aligns with Lever Style’s desire to be a full-service partner to support all of a brand’s apparel needs; whether it be for men’s, women’s or kids, or for a niche offering versus a premium fashion label.

The manufacturer can support and work within all channels, including DTC (e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores), wholesale and drop ship. Alongside that, apparel clients range from startups to enterprise-sized businesses, selling everything from basic apparel items to emerging fashion trends.

Client range is why Lever Style touts its flexibility as the fourth pillar within the model. The manufacturer can support brands operating with smaller, more boutique quantities. As clients mature and their business grows, Lever Style matches their growth with “next-level” sourcing that can support larger orders, as well as more price-aggressive solutions, by moving manufacturing operations to facilities that can support the larger quantities.

“Many of our clients take advantage of hybrid sourcing where the same product types would be supported by different facilities,” Wallis said. “We support clients with product testing possibilities, quick response opportunities and other related manufacturing options.”

Lever Style’s global presence is another critical component, operating in New York City and Los Angeles to assist customers in product development and business strategy. Customer representatives in close proximity can help brands determine how to best onboard new categories as well as support communication between them and their overseas partners.

“We’re the liaison to our customers, a partner to support their growth,” said Meredith LaBerge, sales director, West Coast at Lever Style. “It’s not only about assortment development and strategy, but also about helping to support and deliver upon the key initiatives for each of our customers.”

Watch the video above to learn more about Lever Style and its products and services.