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Mango Factory List Revealed

In keeping with an agreement signed with industry trade union Comisiones Obreras in 2018, Spanish fashion group Mango has compiled a list of all the factories in its supply chain.

The list of Tier 1 production factories is part of the the Barcelonian apparel firm’s commitment to sustainability, and includes the factories Mango manufactured in during 2020. The publication fulfills the requirements of the Transparency Pledge Standard, an initiative launched by a coalition of nine employment and human rights organizations. These organizations are committed to transparency in the supply chains within the apparel and footwear industry.

The public disclosure of the factory list makes Mango the first major company in the Spanish faction of the sector to do so. Mango considers the disclosure a powerful tool for strengthening the rights of people who manufacture its products, as well as a means of promoting responsibility across global supply chains within the fashion sector, the firm said.

Mango and the Comisiones Obreras said they will continue to work together to “strengthen the human rights due diligence of its supply chain and to help develop a more sustainable textile industry.”

The public listing of the factories that have produced for Mango during 2020 is available on the company’s website. Mango said it does not own any of the factories and that none of them work exclusively for the company.

“Some of them might be used discontinuously depending on the characteristics of the product, so for this reason, the list will be updated at least twice a year,” Mango said.

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Thus far in 2020, Mango has worked with a total of 822 factories across 19 countries.

China represented the highest number on the list, totaling 242 and representing 29.5 percent of Mango’s production base. Turkey ranked second, with 152 factories, or 18.5 percent. India was third, with 77 factories, or 9.4 percent of the total production base. Vietnam was fourth, with 72 factories, or 8.8 percent, while Morocco, with 68 factories, or 8.3 percent, rounded out the top five countries.

Others include Bangladesh, 61 factories representing 7.4 percent; Pakistan, 40 factories at 4.9 percent; Myanmar, 33 factories at 4 percent; Cambodia, 23 factories at 2.8 percent; Portugal, 19 factories at 2.3 percent, and Spain, 17 factories at 2.1 percent.

Others on the list, with just a handful of factories, include Tunisia, 5 factories at 0.6 percent, and Indonesia, 3 factories at 0.4 percent. Four countries—Egypt, Italy, Romania and the Ukraine—each had two factories, or 0.2 percent, while two—Albania, Bulgaria—each had one factory, or 0.1 percent.