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‘Second Skin’ E-Knit Innovation: The Future of Athleisure and Intimate Apparel

Thanks to the advent of the pandemic, work from home has more or less become the norm and consumers are finding themselves choosing apparel that is versatile, delivering both comfort and fashion. As a result, apparel brands within this space selling athleisure, lounge and intimate apparel now have a distinct advantage. On top of that, brands have developed a greater consciousness of sustainability and the environment in recent times, and this had made them even more desirable in the minds of the consumer.

It’s safe to say that WFH is here to stay, for a while anyway. The popular freelancing platform, Upwork, is projecting the share of remote workers in the U.S. increasing by 87 percent compared to pre-pandemic levels by 2025. Going by the market research done by Technavio, the apparel industry gets to reap the benefits of a positive impact on the sales of sleep and loungewear in the form of compound annual growth of nearly 9 percent all the way to 2024.

However, brands already playing in this coveted athleisure and intimate apparel retail space shouldn’t rest on their laurels. More brands are responding to this trend, and heightened competition is already threatening their market share.

It is imperative that brands remain laser-focused on quality, performance and points of differentiation to stay ahead. They also have the advantage of being able to make choices reflected in their customer preferences closer to market because all the elements in a garment are able to be completely manufactured under one roof, instead of having to be sourced from different factories around the world.

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Engineered knits for added comfort

What if you were able to have closer-to-body clothing that embodied comfort, perfect fit, performance with exceptional stretch, where you needed it, support where it mattered, and unparalleled breathability?  Now you can. Enter E-Knit.

E-Knit is essentially short for engineered knit–a unique technology of Sri Lanka’s apparel giant and South Asia’s largest apparel tech company, MAS Holdings. E-Knit incorporates complex technology into the next-generation flat knit evolution, leading to a more sophisticated product with unparalleled all-day comfort and adequate support all while looking good.

MAS Holdings has over 30 years in product development experience giving them the expertise and knowledge together with the latest technology developments, to engineer knit products with a purpose. Leveraging on three decades of product creation expertise to build a highly relevant flat knit tech base for athleisure, MAS has ensured that the traditional process has become more simplified and streamlined with E-Knit.

As consumers are moving towards choosing to invest in low impact, sustainable fashion options, savvy brands can capitalize on this timely opportunity, reimagine their product offerings and align themselves with the long-term need for sustainable fashion. According to MAS Holdings, adopting engineered knit (E-Knit) technology is the way forward.

E-Knit is essentially made from a combination of staple and filament yarns that enables high performance and is an incredible advancement of fabric sustainability. This process of E-Knit allows for the manipulation of the core properties of the fabric such as thickness, breathability and heat regulation, resulting in a garment that has a superior fit, provides adequate support and ultimate comfort to the wearer.

E-Knit also allows the elimination of seams on the garment that can cause skin irritation and allow it to transform into almost a “second skin,” making it feel light, breathable and snug on your body.

MAS Holdings E-Knit Textiles
MAS Matrix helps brands choose the right yarn combinations and knit structures to create customized garments. MAS Holdings

More sustainable

Just because a piece of clothing is supremely comfortable, does not mean it isn’t sustainable. Comfort should never come at a cost to sustainability. E-Knit technology has improved MAS’ overall ecological footprint by relying on more degradable and recycled material, staple yarns such as cotton or wool, and natural dyes while ensuring less energy consumption in every aspect of the process. MAS has closely developed relationships with suppliers who are responsible and ensure validated sustainability.

Nadisha Daniel, head of business development at MAS Matrix, says: “The Matrix-engineered knit capabilities are premised on a low-impact, zero-waste manufacturing platform and allows product designers the opportunity to select from a range of sustainably sourced yarns and dyes to create a product that is truly sustainable.”

E-Knit’s low-waste, low-impact process accommodates a mixture of staple and filaments, offering a 15 to 25 percent reduction in wastage, compared to the traditional “cut and sew” method, providing more sustainable avenues for apparel manufacturing. Paving the way for the future in the industry, E-Knit will allow for the creation of futuristic, versatile, and comfortable garments that are sustainable and precisely what consumers are after.

Overall, the advanced E-Knit process provides targeted applications that allow for precision, customization and faster design-to-development as the entire process can be done under one roof, eliminating the process of sourcing different elements from factories around the world.

“Our knit capabilities are enabling us to create consumer-centric and purposeful products. We are excited to partner with world-class product specialists to create breakthrough solutions,” says MAS’ Palitha Liyanage, CEO of MAS Matrix.

Founded in 1987, MAS Holdings is recognized today as a fully integrated, sustainable apparel manufacturer, employing over 100,000 people across 16 countries. MAS spans 57 manufacturing plants with established design locations placed in key style centers worldwide. The MAS portfolio has expanded exponentially, filtering into and revolutionizing IT, brands, wearable technology, FemTech, startups, and fabric parks worldwide. MAS provides design-to-delivery solutions to leading global apparel brands.

To learn more how MAS Holdings and E-Knit can improve your portfolio of brands, write to or contact 0094770889026.