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Sourcing Summit Report: Making Headway Against the Headwinds

To say that supply chains are under immense pressure would be an understatement, and to think that all the problems can be solved in one Sourcing Summit would be hubris. However, there’s no disputing that a meeting of the brightest minds in the industry will make headway against the headwinds, and that’s exactly what happened at the New York Sourcing Summit, held virtually on October 19.

Thirty speakers from around the globe gathered to exchange ideas, brainstorm solutions, and work toward the greater industry good. Entitled “Inflection Point,” the Summit took a close look at this industry crossroads, offering insights into what companies learned from recent events, where they are now, and what choices they will make going forward. Will they continue to utilize and improve upon the stop-gap measures used to survive the pandemic? Or will they slide back into old habits?

“What do we mean by inflection point?” asked Sourcing Journal founder and president Edward Hertzman. “I see it as an opportunity, but also a potentially catastrophic fork in the road. The decisions we all make over the coming months will have a long-lasting impact on the success, or failure, of our businesses.”

Continuing the conversation

While the 30 speakers from around the globe from some of the biggest companies in the industry participated in informative panels, there’s always more to learn. To that end, Sourcing Journal set out to “continue the conversation” with a thorough Summit Companion Report, featuring detailed panel recaps, plus Q&As from companies that participated in the Summit, and even those that did not. Hear from Cotton Inc., NPD Group, OEC Group, QIMA, Retail Reworks, Dupont and Tradewind.

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We also wanted to hear from attendees during the Summit, so we created on-the-spot polls so companies can benchmark their attitudes and actions against their peers. Questions such as “When do you think we will see an easing in bottlenecks and rising freight costs,” “Have you changed your inventory planning process in the last 12 months to respond to supply issues,” and “How much has your company incorporated data science in daily business?” are just a few.

Summit Companion Report

Download the Sourcing Summit Companion Report to see:

  • How Primark and Zalando are scaling circularity with a focus on affordability
    • What to expect in logistics, and how firms are handling rising costs, port congestion and customs regulations
    • How American Eagle Outfitters and PVH are approaching inventory management
    • Where U.S.-China trade relations are headed, and why this remains a trade partnership
    • The results of live audience polling on topics like omnichannel services and on-demand production
    • Photos from our cocktail reception in New York