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Speed-to-Market Specialist Suuchi Introduces Online White Label Service

Suuchi Inc., an end-to-end technology-enabled apparel supplier, on Wednesday launched SuuchiX, offering brands market-ready trend-tested products for wholesale purchase.

Through an online B2B catalog, established and emerging brands can choose from high-quality, trend-right women’s, men’s and children’s wear with their own brand and offer to customers, in weeks, and for some styles, in just days. Company founder and CEO Suuchi Ramesh said in an interview that SuuchiX is “an expansion of our offerings and suite of services.”

SuuchiX also represents an expansion into new categories, including shoes and accessories, and home textiles.

“In today’s digitized retail supply chain environment, speed to market is everything,” Ramesh said. “But fashion design and manufacturing to distribution has typically taken weeks or months to get right. We’re changing that norm by offering ready-made fashion designs and home goods that allow any brand to respond to customer demand in real-time.”

SuuchiX offers what Ramesh called “white label” merchandise that eliminates the product development cycle for brands. That’s because, like the core Suuchi platform, SuuchiX leverages data from the Suuchi Grid, identifying trending products to offer in the catalog. Customers can choose among top styles and with a few clicks secure product for upcoming launches without the hassle or added lead times of custom development, she said. Suuchi Grid also allows them to track its status though the manufacturing process.

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The company’s manufacturing model reduces the cycle from design concept to retail, while also cutting costs and waste of excess inventory. The Suuchi Grid is an intuitive SaaS-based application powered by a curated network of more than 200 freelancers, materials suppliers and U.S.-based factories with an annual capacity of more than 12 million units, she noted. More than 200 fashion businesses are streamlining their supply chain workflows and production on the platform.

“Our goal with both Suuchi’s core retail platform and now SuuchiX is to provide the speed, transparency and flexibility to respond quickly to changing trends and fluctuating retail demand,” Ramesh said. “With SuuchiX, whether you’re just starting out or established, you can get high quality, quick-to-market, ready-made fashion with your brand logo attached and start selling to your customers right away.”

The SuuchiX launch comes amid a fast growth trajectory for the company, which recently announced $8 million in growth equity funding from investment firm Edison Partners and opened new offices in Carlstadt, NJ. Suuchi Inc. is on pace to add 130 new jobs in New Jersey this year.

Suuchi also recently expanded its executive leadership, hiring Brian Reavell as vice president of sales, Thomas Bardinas as vice president of technology, Andrew McKenna as vice president of product and Federico Vecchiarelli as vice president of people.